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Author | Ebar's chief fan, blue whale mouth

作者| Ebar的首席粉丝,蓝鲸嘴

On the international day of the match, Ebar was not idle either, playing a friendly match with the provincial team Royal United. The result is also a group of harmony, both sides scored a goal. The players who played were mainly substitutes. It was the team captain Enrique who scored for Evar. The fans have been waiting for this goal for a long time.

在比赛的国际日,Ebar也不空闲,与省队Royal United进行了一场友谊赛。结果也是一群和睦,双方进球。参加比赛的球员主要是替补。为Evar得分的是球队队长恩里克。球迷们一直在等待这个目标很久了。

Previously, the official statement was that Enrique’s thigh muscles were injured, so Evar has been mainly using Kik Garcia in the league this season. However, I always believe that Ebar is deliberately hiding the captain in order to avoid legal and moral hazards.


Things should start in 2016. At that time, Ebar had a smooth run in the league. Players were also welcomed by fans outside the court. Among them, Enrique and Luna are handsome, and they are the main players of the team and are very popular with fans.


One day, local news in Spain suddenly fryed the pan, saying that Enrique and Luna were doing multiplayer sports with a woman at the same time. After that, the specific details of the news gradually became clear. It should be that Luna shot a video during the sport, and teammate Eddie Silvestri circulated the video, which appeared viral on the Internet. Since then, Enrique and Luna apologized to the female victim through their social media.

一天,西班牙的当地新闻突然炒锅,说恩里克(Enrique)和露娜(Luna)正在和一个女人同时进行多人运动。之后,新闻的具体细节逐渐变得清晰。应该是Luna在运动期间拍摄了一段视频,而队友Eddie Silvestri播放了该视频,该视频在互联网上显得很流行。从那以后,恩里克和露娜通过社交媒体向女性受害者道歉。

This matter is not over. Some local fans who defend the player claimed that the woman was a professional sex worker and tried to exonerate the player in public opinion. There were also justice fans who said that Ebar is a simple town and the team is a city. The representative of the People’s Republic of China should serve as a role model for the citizens, and should not allow these things to hide dirt. Ebar’s management at the time had the highest proportion of female executives in the La Liga teams and should have a clear condemnation of this, but the club officials have been keeping a close eye on this. At that time, the female victim also expressed that she would resort to law for this matter, and on October 14 this year, the case will be heard in court. As for why the 16-year case had to wait four years before the trial, I don’t know.


According to media reports, the prosecution claimed that, first, Enrique and Luna had forcibly filmed the video file without the woman’s consent; second, the video was released without the permission of the parties. Enrique and Luna face these two charges and may face five years in prison; Eddie-Silvestri fabrics the second charge and may face two years in prison. In addition, the three defendants also need to make financial compensation to the woman.


According to the judicial investigation in 2018, Luna used Enrique's mobile phone to record the video. Both parties agreed to this move by default, and no one raised objections. On October 14 this year, the defendant and female parties will testify in court and will decide whether to extend the trial based on the progress of the trial.


This lawsuit has been hanging on the head of Evar Club, and I even think that it affected Enrique's football trajectory. At the time, the sports director of the French Marseille team, former Barcelona and Spanish national team star Subizaretta had always been very interested in Enrique, but Ebar's asking price was too high, coupled with the risk of litigation, this transfer was ultimately not reached. Now that Eddie Silvestri is in Albacete, Luna has already left the team and moved to Girona. Enrique has become the captain of the team. The partner looks forward to the arrival of new life.

这场诉讼一直笼罩在Evar Club的头上,我什至认为这影响了Enrique的足球发展轨迹。当时,法国马赛​​队的体育总监,前巴塞罗那和西班牙国家队球星Subizaretta对Enrique一直很感兴趣,但是Ebar的要价太高,再加上诉讼的风险,最终未能达成这项转会。现在,埃迪·西尔维斯特里(Eddie Silvestri)在阿尔瓦塞特(Albacete),卢娜(Luna)已经离开团队,搬到了赫罗纳(Girona)。恩里克(Enrique)已成为球队的队长。合作伙伴期待新生活的到来。

The most affected is Evar. The summer's striker signings did not send away Kique Gonzalez. It is well known that the two sides are close together; Enrique has just recovered from his injury and is facing lawsuits, leaving only Kique Garcia. With Yoshiki Muto available, Mendiliba is really big head.

受影响最大的是Evar。今夏的前锋引援并没有将Kique Gonzalez带走。众所周知,双方紧靠在一起。恩里克(Enrique)刚从伤病中恢复过来,并面临诉讼,仅留下基奎·加西亚(Kique Garcia)。有了Yoshiki Muto,Mendiliba确实是个大头。

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