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After Chen Tao announced his retirement, Zhou Haibin, another iconic figure of the 85 National Youth League, also officially announced his retirement. There are not many sweet memories of Chinese football. The 85 generation who shined in the World Youth Championship in the Netherlands is definitely worthy of a special book. Whenever they see them in the game, people can always remember the passion of 2005. summer. Now Zhou Haibin has left the green field one after another, and what disappeared with them is not only the youth of a generation, but also the dream of Chinese football.


Zhou Haibin's early career has been smooth. In 1999, Zhou Haibin entered the just-established Luneng Football School and soon emerged and was selected for the national junior team. After only 3 years in the football academy, Zhou Haibin ushered in opportunities one after another. First, the general manager Dong Gang initiated a replacement, which made Zhou Haibin be recruited by Nepomnacci to the first team in 2002 and formally entered the fans. Vision; the second is Beijing's successful bid for the Olympics, and Chinese football's resources have begun to tilt towards Olympic-aged players like Zhou Haibin. Zhou Haibin, at a young age, really caught up with a good year.

周海滨的早期职业生涯一直很顺利。 1999年,周海滨进入刚成立的鲁能足球学校,不久就出现了,并入选了国家青年队。在足球学院学习仅三年之后,周海滨便接连迎来了机遇。首先,总经理董刚开始了换人,这使周海滨在2002年被Nepomnacci招募到一线队并正式进入了球迷。视力;第二是北京申办奥运会的成功,而中国足球的资源已经开始向像周海滨这样的奥运时代运动员倾斜。周海滨在年轻的时候就真的过得不错。

Of course, it depends not only on luck, but also on Zhou Haibin's extraordinary talent and excellent strength. At that time, Zhou Haibin was not only the coach of Nepo, but also the national team coach Arihan. Even compared with Nepo, the Dutch paid more attention to Zhou Haibin. In 2003, Zhou Haibin was recruited by Alihan into the national team, becoming the youngest national football player at the time, and won the opportunity to play in the warm-up match against Chile.

当然,这不仅取决于运气,还取决于周海滨的非凡才能和卓越实力。当时,周海滨不仅是尼波的教练,还是国家队的教练阿里汉。即使与Nepo相比,荷兰人也更加关注周海滨。 2003年,周海滨被阿里汉(Alihan)招募到国家队,成为当时最年轻的国家足球运动员,并赢得了参加对智利的热身赛的机会。

In an interview, Ali Han stated clearly that Zhou Haibin and Liu Jindong's double midfielder will be the core midfielder of the National Football Team in the next 10 years, and he will be included in the Asian Cup list in 2004. Before the start of the Asian Cup, the national football team had a warm-up match with the UAE team. After the game, the UAE coach was a little unconvinced with the unconvincing national football, but he was full of praise for Zhou Haibin and predicted that Zhou Haibin would become Rooney in the Asian Cup ( Rooney just shined in the European Cup).

在接受采访时,阿里·汉(Ali Han)明确表示,周海滨和刘金东的双重中场将在未来10年内成为国家足球队的核心中场,他将在2004年入选亚洲杯。亚洲杯,国家橄榄球队与阿联酋队进行了热身赛。赛后,阿联酋教练对令人信服的国家足球有些不服,但他对周海滨的赞誉不绝于耳,并预测周海滨将在亚洲杯中成为鲁尼(鲁尼刚刚在欧洲杯上大放异彩)。

But this was just an episode of Zhou Haibin's early career. Soon Zhou Haibin let these people know what he was doing. In October of that year, the national football team was blocked from the periphery of the World Cup due to arithmetic problems. In the Asian Youth Championship, the 85 National Youth League led by Yin Tiesheng received good news. They reached the final in Malaysia and won the runner-up in the event. Although he lost to South Korea in the final, he also qualified for the Dutch World Youth Championship the following year, which is a bit of relief to Chinese football fans.


In the club, Zhou Haibin does not have his own status in the national youth team. After Touba coached the team in 2004, Zhou Haibin mainly appeared in the weaker left midfielder position; in 2005, Zheng Zhi’s joining and Cui Peng’s brilliant performance made Zhou Haibin’s space to be squeezed out-the midfielder already has Zheng Zhi, Li Xiaopeng, Cui Peng and Tuba are more willing to use Gao Yao or Liu Jindong in the defensive position to ensure the team's defensive safety. It was not until Zheng Zhi was seriously injured that Zhou Haibin had a more stable opportunity to play.

在俱乐部,周海滨在国家青年队中没有自己的地位。在图巴(Touba)在2004年执教该队之后,周海滨主要出现在较弱的左中场位置。 2005年,郑智的加盟和崔鹏的出色表现使周海滨的空间被挤出,中场球员已经有了郑智,李小鹏,崔鹏和图巴,他们更愿意在防守位置使用高要或刘金东来确保球队的防守安全。直到郑智身受重伤后,周海滨才有了更稳定的比赛机会。

In the second round of the 2006 Super League, Luneng was home to derby opponent Qingdao Zhongneng, Zhou Haibin replaced Gao Yao as the starting midfielder. During the game, Zhou Haibin's combing and forwarding of the ball provided great support to Zheng Zhi, Li Jinyu and Zivkovic in the front court, which made Luneng's offensive smooth and the team easily defeated the brothers in the same province. . Since then, Zhou Haibin has become the absolute main force, and his teammates blocked the gods and the Buddha blocked the Buddha, won the double crown and created a series of records.

在2006年中超联赛的第二轮比赛中,鲁能成为德比对手青岛中能的主场,周海滨则取代高尧成为首发中场球员。比赛中,周海滨的接发球为郑智,李金玉和齐夫科维奇在前场提供了大力支持,鲁能的进攻顺畅,球队轻松击败了同一省的兄弟。 。从此,周海滨成为了绝对的主力军,他的队友封锁了众神,佛陀也封锁了佛陀,赢得了双冠王并创造了一系列纪录。

Luneng's 2006 glory also made Zhou Haibin an indispensable figure in the national team's midfield. In 2007, Liu Dahai returned to aid the national football team to compete in the Asian Cup, including Zheng Zhi, Shao Jiayi and Li Tie three midfielders, but this did not affect Zhou Haibin's position. In the three group matches, Zhou Haibin all appeared as the starters. Unfortunately, the national football team suddenly collapsed in the second half of the last match of the group stage, unexpectedly lost to Uzbekistan, and was blocked from the eight-strong goal.

鲁能2006年的辉煌成就也使周海滨成为了国家队中场不可或缺的人物。 2007年,刘大海返回协助国家足球队参加亚洲杯比赛,其中包括郑智,邵家宜和李铁三名中场球员,但这并没有影响周海滨的位置。在三组比赛中,周海滨都是首发。不幸的是,国家足球队在小组赛最后一场比赛的下半场突然倒下,出乎意料的输给了乌兹别克斯坦,并被阻止了八强进球。

It now appears that the somewhat inexplicable crash was the result of a series of chaotic policies by the Football Association and a preview of the following year's defeat in the Olympics. In the Olympics, Zhou Haibin is one of the few highlights of the national football. In the game against Belgium, Zhou Haibin once swiftly got rid of the entanglement of his opponents, and then used a long left foot to accurately transfer to his teammate on the left. CCTV commentator Liu Jianhong Then he sighed, if Chinese football can have 10 players like Zhou Haibin, it will not be a problem to break out of Asia. This is not only an affirmation of Zhou Haibin's ability, but also a helplessness to Chinese football.


At that time, Zhou Haibin was only 23 years old and was already one of the best players in the country. If he continues to play in the country, as long as there are no major injuries and other accidents, his future is absolutely smooth-Luneng was the best treated domestically The status of the club in the national team will not be affected.


However, there was no gold dollar bubble in Chinese football at that time, and many outstanding players regarded studying abroad as their goal. Moreover, after the 2008 Olympics, the chaos in Chinese football has not stopped, but has intensified. Therefore, motivated players want to go out, even if they are not in the mainstream European leagues, as long as there is a stable and calm environment to play football. This is the case with Li Weifeng and Feng Xiaoting in the league. Although Zhou Haibin is very stable at Luneng, if he continues to play, there will be no breakthroughs in his career. Staying abroad is also his goal.


But the way Zhou Haibin left was unexpected-free transfer to Eindhoven, which caused Luneng Club to suffer a lot of losses. As for why Luneng did not complete the contract renewal ahead of schedule, the main reason was the backward domestic transfer system at that time. According to the provisions of the Chinese Football Association, even if a player’s contract expires, there is no “zero transfer”. The team that introduces the player must still pay the transfer fee to the original team, unless the player’s contract expires for 24 months.


In other words, unless the player dares to take the risk of not playing for 2 years, don’t think about free transfer, and not playing for 2 years is basically announcing that the player has been scrapped. Therefore, as long as the team disagrees, domestic players cannot do without Open the team. Therefore, the club can safely implement "one-year signing", that is, based on last season's performance to determine the player's salary level this season. As for the renewal time, there is no need to pay attention to it. It is common to renew the original contract one or two months after the expiration of the original contract. Zhou Haibin’s transfer to Eindhoven was during this window. At the same time, Feng Xiaoting also used the same method to transfer to Daegu. Although Li Weifeng, who joined Suwon Samsung, has a special situation, it is roughly the same. The media referred to the three of them as "China Bosman."


Zhou Haibin’s free transfer is a manifestation of the loopholes in the Chinese football transfer system. It manages domestic free transfers but cannot control foreign ones, because this system has long been eliminated in international football. For example, Daegu was very determined after introducing Feng Xiaoting: a free transfer is a free transfer, and a penny of the transfer fee will not be paid. If you are not satisfied, you will go to FIFA and see if you can win.


Prior to this, some domestic clubs realized this loophole and also took "remedial" measures. For example, Shenyang Jinde forced young players to sign a five-year long-term contract, but the salary was very low. Chen Tao is one of them. In this regard, the Kinder players were very dissatisfied, and the "Kinder Tigers" incident occurred. However, under the transfer system of the Football Association, the club has an absolute advantage and the players can only sign this package. Later, Chen Tao shined in the 2005 World Youth Championship. Genoa deliberately introduced it and offered an offer of 1 million euros. However, Shenyang Jinde blocked Genoa back with an ridiculously high price. Chinese fans could only watch. Chen Tao's dream of studying abroad was disturbed.


But Zhou Haibin did not have the experience of Chen Tao, and he did not have to choose to take advantage of the loopholes to stay abroad. This was also the dissatisfaction of many Luneng fans at the time. Luneng has always been open-minded for players studying abroad. At that time, Su Maozhen tried out Southampton, Liu Yue and Deng Lejun in Aachen, and Zheng Zhi joined Charlton. As long as the players have the ability to go out, the club will not create anything. Obstacles, but also give strong support.


From this point of view, Zhou Haibin’s behavior of taking advantage of the gaps in studying abroad is indeed abnormal. Some people say that there is a problem with the communication between him and the club in the matter of studying abroad; others say that he was fooled by his agent to do stupid things. As for the exact reason, we still don't know today. But Zhou Haibin’s trip abroad is worthy of recognition. As Zhou Haibin said in his article, he does not regret or regret going abroad to pursue his dreams.


Compared with Bosman who changed the world of football, Zhou Haibin and Feng Xiaoting, the two "Chinese Bosman", did not play the same role. After the two of them, Dai Lin also used "export to domestic sales" to achieve free transfer, forcing the Chinese Football Association to change the backward transfer system, but the system is in line with the international standards, but the players are completely decoupled from the international, and they have been in a growth trend. The scale of "Overseas Corps" began to turn downhill at this time.


Under the new system, the club no longer signs once a year as before, and instead signs long-term contracts with players. This also means that if the club does not want to release players abroad, the players will not be able to go out. Chen Tao’s second chance to stay abroad That's how it is lost. In 2011, another Serie A team Novara threw an olive branch to Chen Tao, but Tianjin TEDA also refused to let go on the grounds of transfer fees, Chinese fans can only once again watch Chen Tao's dream of staying abroad shattered again.

在新制度下,俱乐部不再像以前那样每年签约一次,而是与球员签定长期合同。这也意味着,如果俱乐部不希望将球员释放到国外,则球员将无法外出。陈涛第二次留在国外的机会这就是失去的方式。 2011年,另一支意甲球队诺瓦拉(Novara)向陈涛扔了橄榄枝,但天津泰达也以转会费为由拒绝放手,中国球迷只能再次观看陈涛留在国外的梦想。

Fortunately, after the Chinese football, the Jinyuan offensive started. Although the players still did not have the strength to compete with the club and the Football Association, their remuneration has been improved. But more banknotes were not used to solve fundamental problems, but were used to buy high-level foreign aid. Most teams handed over the key position of organizational core to foreign aid. After Zhou Haibin returned to China, his position was affected. Great challenge. But even so, Zhou Haibin is still a lot higher than other domestic players on the court.


This is exactly what makes people feel uncomfortable. Starting in 2006, players born after 1985 have begun to take the lead. Although they are directly related to the Olympic strategy, these players do have good strength. However, it took more than ten years for this main beam to be selected. Until last year's Asian Cup, the main framework of the national football team still had to be built by players born after 1985. Last season, Zhou Haibin was still able to play an important role on the field, even in the AFC Champions League. Even Cui Peng, who has a big belly, is significantly higher than his juniors in game awareness and handling of the ball. Big cut.


Among the 85 national youths, many have the ability to play overseas, and some can even stand in the five major leagues. But the generation of people who want to go abroad is more difficult than their predecessors. Some people are trapped in the mud and cannot get out. Some people have to pay for their own money to make a trip. Some people have to bear a bad name when leaving the team. Some people even go out cleanly. He had to suffer injuries due to various needs and became the new "Fang Zhongyong".


Every generation of Chinese football has its own sorrows. These sorrows are connected together, and Chinese football will never get rid of the two words of sorrow. Just as the Chinese player’s overseas environment has improved a lot after Vide’s plan to stay in Portugal, the Football Association and some clubs also send small players out through various channels. With policy support, overseas Chinese investment, and the backing of the Chinese market, there are very few players who can stay overseas.


Nowadays, the word "dream" has become a luxury item of Chinese football, and this is something that Zhou Haibin and his peers have. Therefore, even with the difficulties and the huge price, they did not stop chasing their dreams. Zhou Haibin said that he should apologize to the fans who are sad for this, but even if the overseas experience is not successful, he does not regret or regret it. Having dreams and fighting for them is the most precious wealth in life. This wealth cannot be measured by money. Because of this, even if the people sneered and scolded at the Olympics, the 85th generation is still the most precious Chinese fan. Good memories. Zhou Haibin has left the green field, but he will not leave football. He hopes that Zhou Haibin will do his best in his new position to let the players get this wealth and help Chinese football regain the dream.


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