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The pre-match matchup, which was considered to be a close match, eventually showed a one-sided trend. Bayern defeated Atletico Madrid at home and won the group stage. In the face of well-prepared and experienced opponents, Bayern has shown superior strength in terms of positional attack, defensive deployment and counterattack organization. After reaching the top of Europe by relying on high-position press play, Frick's team continued to explore the way to upgrade their tactics. This big victory allowed people to see the potential of this championship team.


In the first round, they have to face the strongest opponents in the group stage. Both Frick and Simeone have a slightly conservative lineup. Alfonso Davis and Correa were left behind. Bayern faced the enemy with a "four-center" defense. Atletico Madrid's midfield structure showed obvious asymmetry. Carrasco's position was better than Marcos. Llorente is more advanced.

在第一轮中,他们必须面对小组赛中最强的对手。 Frick和Simeone的阵容都有些保守。阿方索·戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)和科雷亚(Correa)被抛在后面。拜仁以“四中心”防御面对敌人。马德里竞技的中场结构表现出明显的不对称性。卡拉斯科的位置比马科斯好。洛伦特(Llorente)更先进。

The two coaches adopted similar lines of thinking, but produced completely different actual combat effects. The former "Blaster" Koeman played the role of the terminator very well. Bayern expanded its lead through counterattacks and won a big victory in the wing battle.


In last season's Champions League knockout games, Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain all based their defense on the midfield when facing Bayern, instead of choosing to use high positions to press. Thiago "come back" in time after the start of the Champions League, Bayern's offensive propulsion ability is sufficient to cope with high-intensity frontcourt pressure. After Thiago left the team, Bayern's opponents also adjusted their game strategies. Dortmund and Sevilla both adopted a pressure-driven attacking style, which achieved good results.


Atletico did not choose to press high in this campaign. On the one hand, it was due to the lack of the team’s ability to press forward. On the other hand, Frick put out a three-midfield system, Gretzka and Toliso were able to play against Kimmich. Form a good support, Mueller can also share the pressure of the midfielder. Atletico Madrid are at a disadvantage in terms of the number of midfielders, and Savage and Lodi on the defensive line need protection. It is more pragmatic to choose a conservative half-court defense.


Facing Bayern's midfield press, Atletico Madrid used a long pass to decompress on the one hand, and on the other hand, it completed the advancement through smooth passing and cooperation. Atlético de Madrid has a tacit understanding of partial response and passing. The players have good ball handling ability in fighting and confrontation, and can handle "dirty balls" well in chaos. As the backcourt hub of Atletico, Hector-Herrera can not only control the ball under pressure, but also complete the forward pass in time to connect the two sides.


Although they have conceded several times in dangerous areas, considering Bayern's ability to drive high pressure, Atletico Madrid's backcourt shots are generally stable and smooth. The main reason affecting the quality of the team's offense is the lack of speed in counterattacks.


In the match between Liverpool and RB Leipzig last season, Atletico Madrid's backcourt rib area was repeatedly impacted by opponents, which is the inevitable result of the decline of the defender's personal ability. In order to block the loopholes in the backcourt, Atletico Madrid’s 442 formation was further reduced to 622/631 after falling into the low position. The full-back defended two gates, the central midfielder filled the ribs, and the double forwards should also participate in the low-post defense, which did not give the opponents easy Long shots and transfer opportunities.


Atletico Madrid's defense line becomes relatively flat when under pressure. In order to smoothly "pop out" during the defensive transition phase, it can only rely on the center forward's back and the side to respond, stabilize the ball before slowly launching the attack. Suarez and Felix have relatively average speed. The two players use the ball to guide their teammates (mainly Carrasco) to insert, which gives Bayern players more time to return to defense.


From the latter part of last season, Simeone will often arrange two forwards to guard the two wings of the midfield. Correa & Carrasco can not only promote the counterattack, but the two players can also be pushed to the front line in the backhand change phase, saving some substitutions and reducing system turbulence. Correa's absence due to injury is considered a major reason for Atletico Madrid's elimination by RB Leipzig. In this campaign, Correa missed the starting lineup again. Marcos Llorente not only failed to share the pressure of Carrasco and Lodi, but instead gave Bayern a chance to counterattack because of the offensive concealment.

从上赛季下半场开始,西梅内通常会安排两名前锋来防守中场的两个侧翼。 Correa&Carrasco不仅可以促进反击,而且还可以在反手换牌阶段将这两个球员推到第一线,从而节省了一些替换并减少了系统动荡。 Correa因受伤缺席被认为是RB Leipzig淘汰马德里竞技的主要原因。在这次竞选中,科雷亚再次错过了首发阵容。马科斯·洛伦特(Marcos Llorente)不仅未能分担卡拉斯科(Carrasco)和洛迪(Lodi)的压力,而且由于进攻的隐瞒而给拜仁提供了反击的机会。

Before Koeman extended the score advantage to two goals, Bayern's defense felt the pressure for a while. Atletico relies on the series connection of Suarez and Felix to continuously open the gap from the left rib of the frontcourt. In order to block the space on the right side of the defensive line, Flick asked the midfielder to maintain a tight distance between the defender and Tolisso and Kimmich joined forces to help Pawar and Jule. At the end of the first half, Atletico Madrid's main attack direction shifted to the right, and Bayern got a quick turnaround from Marcos Llorente's feet.

在科曼将比分优势扩大到两个进球之前,拜仁的防守感到了一段时间的压力。马竞依靠Suarez和Felix的串联来连续打开前场左肋的缝隙。为了阻挡防守线右侧的空间,弗里克要求中场保持后卫与托里索之间的近距离,而金米奇联手帮助帕瓦尔和朱尔。上半场末,马德里竞技的主要进攻方向向右移动,拜仁从马科斯·洛伦特(Marcos Llorente)的脚快速翻身。

In the Champions League knockout stage last season, Bayern's left-sided offensive system appeared to be incomplete, and Perisic and Alfonso Davis had a certain degree of conflict. Perisic has a high degree of investment in the off-ball stage, and Alfonso Davis has great lethality when attacking. This is a combination suitable for coping with strong dialogue. Coman & Lucas combination A similar effect can also be achieved. Koeman got his first chance in the final. That lore Paris goal was exactly the same as today's first goal. It was scored when the "weak side" received a cross.


Atletico Madrid gave it a go after two goals were behind. The full-back assists increased, and midfielders began to attack the penalty area frequently, which gave Bayern attackers more room to counterattack. In the 72nd minute, Koeman successfully drove through the barriers alone, showing an extraordinary individual combat ability.


With the continuous improvement of the tactical weight of the wing backs, the wingers began to move more and more in the middle, the split two-wing attack layout fell behind, and the flexible rotation of the three forwards in the middle was popular. Not only was able to rely on a breakthrough on the wing to open the situation, but also can complete the final task in the middle. The defensive enthusiasm and inverse foot skills have improved significantly. Koeman showed all-round quality in this game. After the baptism of the Champions League final, Koeman has matured a lot. He has already achieved pole position in the fiercely competitive Bayern winger team battle. Perhaps only injuries can stop him.

随着后背战术权重的不断提高,边锋在中锋处的移动越来越多,分裂的两翼进攻布局逐腾达会官网渐落后,中锋三前锋的灵活旋转变得越来越流行。不仅能够依靠机翼上的突破来打开局面,而且还能在中间完成最后的任务。防守热情和反足技巧得到了显着提高。 Koeman在这场比赛中表现出全方位的素质。在冠军杯决赛的洗礼之后,科曼已经成熟了许多。在激烈的拜仁边锋队战斗中,他已经取得了杆位。也许只有伤病才能阻止他。

With tight low defense and sharp quick counterattacks, Bayern defeated Atletico in a way that Atletico is good at, starting the anticipated journey of defending the Champions League. After resuming work last season, Flick took advantage of the favorable situation of "single-line" combat and used a stable main structure to win the Triple Crown. This method of operation is no longer appropriate this season.


From the formation of a winger battle group to the reuse of Tolisso and Lucas Hernandez, Frick has been amazing in expanding the depth of the lineup and achieved very good results. This Bayern team does not have the ambition of being a defender, and their potential and audacity are impressive.


Simeone and Frick have different tactical ideas, but the dependence of the two teams on forward players is similar. Atletico Madrid's anti-reverse play requires the forwards to seize the few opportunities, and the pressure in the backcourt also needs to be released through the impact of the frontcourt. It is difficult for Diego Costa & Marcos Llorente to play a role in a strong dialogue. Suarez & Felix's shortcomings are also very obvious. How can Simeone maximize the role of Carasco and Correa, or Will determine the trend of Atletico Madrid this season.

Simeone和Frick的战术思想不同,但是两支球队对前锋球员的依赖程度相似。马德里竞技的反逆势要求前锋抓住一些机会,而后场的压力也需要通过前场的影响来释放。 Diego Costa&Marcos Llorente很难在强有力的对话中发挥作用。 Suarez&Felix的缺点也非常明显。 Simeone如何才能最大限度地发挥Carasco和Correa的作用,或者将决定本赛季马德里竞技的趋势。

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