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腾达会官网-17冠与绿军平起平坐!詹眉+众底薪老将 湖人能保持王朝吗?

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After ten years of long wait, the Zijin Lakers finally, led by Zhanmei dual-core, defeated the Heat with a total score of 4-2 to win the 17th championship in team history, successfully tied the number of Celtics championships, and tied for the first place in NBA history. It's just that the goal of the Lakers will not be satisfied naturally, but the Zijin team wants to reproduce the glory of the OK era and create a new dynasty era, which is undoubtedly facing a lot of tests, after all, they also have many hidden problems.


As the two greatest giants in the history of the NBA, the Lakers and the Kais have won 33 championships in total before this year. The Lakers are inferior to the Greens by 16-17. The Green Army won the 17th championship in team history in 2008. They have not had a championship for 12 years. Even if they have made the Eastern Conference finals three times in the past four years, they have never been able to break through from the Eastern Conference to the finals. The Lakers lost their way to the playoffs for a while, until this year they won the championship again after a lapse of 10 years. They also won the 17th championship in team history and tied the Greens.


The history of the Lakers has built many dynasties, and their most recent dynasty was the three consecutive dynasties created by O'Neill and Kobe in the early 21st century. In the future, no team in the NBA can complete three consecutive championships. Whether the Lakers can reproduce the feat of OK Lakers is expected.


Undoubtedly, when James succeeded in winning the fourth championship of his career, he was naturally very eager to lead the Lakers to complete three consecutive championships. After all, once the Lakers completed three consecutive championships, James's championship number will also be equal to Jordan. Of course, if James can win at least three more championships, he will also surpass Jordan's number of championships and continue to compete with George for the throne of the first man in history.


As for Brother Nongmei still has a one-year contract left, but he has the right to jump out of the contract during the offseason this year. After the Lakers finally realize their dream of winning, there is little suspense about Brother Nongmei who renews his contract to stay on the team. After all, he also expressed his desire to join hands with James again. Played 9 times in the finals. Once Brother Nongmei renews his contract with the Lakers, it will basically be a five-year long-term contract with a maximum salary of about 200 million US dollars. After all, he is only 27 years old at his peak age, and only 32 years old will still be the year to play in five years.


James and the Lakers still have two years of contract left, so Zhanmei dual-core will also work together for at least another two years, which is naturally the guarantee for the Lakers to hit three consecutive championships. James' performance this season is still undisputedly "strong", especially in the playoffs can be called the dominant level, so there is no suspense to win the fourth FMVP trophy in his career, and he is also expected to continue to maintain such a state.

詹姆斯和湖人还有两年的合同,因此詹美双核心也将至少再续签两年,这自然是湖人连续三届夺冠的保证。詹姆斯本赛季的表现无疑是“强劲”的,尤其是在季后赛中可以说是支配水平,因此毫无悬念地赢得他职业生涯的第四座FMVP奖杯,而且他也有望继续保持这种状态。 。

It's just difficult to fight the country, and it's even more difficult to defend the country. The Lakers want to hit the three consecutive championships and build the dynasty. They will also face many problems, which become important hidden dangers that restrict them, and also test how the Lakers can maintain their navigational dominance after reaching the summit.


James’ dominance is amazing. In the 17th season of his career, he is still the absolute number one in the league. In the same year, Bosh has retired for many years, Wade has also retired for one year, and Anthony is reduced to a role player, 03 Platinum generation He is the only one who remains at the peak of the Big Four.


It's just that James will be 36 years old in less than two months. If he wants to hit the three consecutive championships, he also requires him to continue to maintain such a high-light mode in the next two years, or not to have a sharp decline. James' self-discipline and state are obvious to all, but whether he can maintain this state in the next two years is unknown.


Brother Nongmei has at least 5-6 years of peak period, and he will gradually grow into the new leader of the Lakers in the future. After all, James will gradually get old, and he will require Brother Nongmei to take on more important tasks in the team. Brother Nongmei learns to play football next to James. Don't worry about further improving his leadership ability. After all, he has such a "good teacher and helpful friend".


It’s just that Big Eyebrow’s injury problems have to be vigilant. This season, Big Eyebrow has basically maintained the state mode and has become the guarantee for the Lakers to win the championship. But last season, Big Eyebrow missed 26 games due to injury, and has been from Has played more than 70 games in the regular season in a single season. Once the thick eyebrows encounter injuries, it will also deal a huge blow to the Lakers.


In addition to the core competitiveness of the Zhanmei dual-core guarantee for the Lakers, they have a number of basic salary veterans to help them win this season, especially Rondo, Howard, McGee and Morris, who play important roles. Only Zhan Mei two will occupy a huge salary space. If Brother Nong Mei jumps out of the contract and completes a 5-year renewal of 200 million US dollars, Zhan Mei dual-core will take a total of 80 million US dollars in salary next season, while the rest of the role players are only left. 30 to 40 million dollars in salary space.

除了为湖人队提供占美双核心保证的核心竞争力之外,他们还有许多基本薪资退伍军人可以帮助他们赢得本赛季的冠军,尤其是扮演重要角色的朗多,霍华德,麦吉和莫里斯。仅詹梅二人将占据巨大的薪资空间。如果农美弟兄跳出合同并完成2亿美元的5年续约,詹美双核下个赛季的薪水总额将达到8000万美元,而其他角色扮演者只是剩下。 30至4000万美元的薪资空间。

Fortunately, Rondo will only have a salary of 2.62 million US dollars next season. Howard is not a guaranteed contract this season. Next season should need a more reasonable contract. McGee will receive 4.2 million US dollars next season. The Morris will also seek a new contract when his contract expires. The Lakers may need to use their brains, or they can trade Green with a one-year contract of 15.37 million dollars left. After all, the Lakers will have to bear Lor Deng's salary of 5 million dollars next season.


Don't worry that the Lakers do not have veteran players available. Veterans who want to compete for the championship will be willing to join with a basic salary contract. This will also be an important boost for the Lakers to complete the defense, but they basically have no salary space to introduce the third giant. How the Lakers effectively retain important role players and build a more reasonable lineup of role players is also a test of the summer operations of the purple and gold management.


In addition to the Lakers' need to maintain a stable core team, they will also encounter other strong teams in the future. After all, the championship team will always be the number one imaginary enemy of all teams. In the West, the Lakers have many title rivals. The Warriors led by Curry will return strongly next season. Once the Clippers, which have broken out of infighting, solve the problem effectively, they should not be underestimated. There are also growing Nuggets and Jazz, double MVP. The leading red team and so on. As for the Eastern Bucks, Heat, Celtics and Raptors are all very competitive opponents, the Lakers want to build a dynasty is not so easy.


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