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【腾达会】韩佳奇:争4对阵申花包袱太重 没想过竞逐最佳新人

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   Source of the manuscript: R&F Jun Guangzhou R&F FC


   On October 9, Beijing time, Guangzhou R&F Football Club held an open media day. Yesterday, Mr. R&F pushed an interview with the head coach of Guangzhou R&F Team Van Bronckhorst "Fan Shuai: Very Confident in Relegation"


   Today, R&F will offer you goalkeeper Han Jiaqi, forward Song Wenjie, and two new foreign aids Adrian and Zivkovic for an interview with the media.


  According to the itinerary, the team will fly to Dalian again on the 13th, and the two rounds against the Qingdao Yellow Sea will be held on October 19 and October 24.




   After 14 games in the Super League in 2020, Han Jiaqi first showed his talent, but he said that he still has a learning mentality and continues to work hard.


  Reporter: How did you spend the holidays?


  Han Jiaqi: Back to Beijing to spend time with his family, mainly eating. Because it is closed in Dalian, there are so many things I can’t eat, I miss it. When I get home, I go out to eat with my family. I like to eat shabu-shabu most. Go to the gym to train after eating, and run back as much as you eat.


  Reporter: What was the first phase of the harvest? Where do you think you have changed?


  Han Jiaqi: The harvest is quite a lot. Both mentally and physically have gained quite a lot. The psychological changes are relatively large, more mature than before, and more experience. There have been many improvements from last year to this year.


  Reporter: Did you communicate with Cheng Yuelei on the position of the goalkeeper?


  Han Jiaqi: Of course, Lei, as the big brother, will definitely give me a lot of advice. After all, he has been with Director Huang for a long time. He will convey the concept of Director Huang to us young players in another way.


  Reporter: After 15 games, what impressed you most? Do you think you have a chance to compete for the best newcomer?


  Han Jiaqi: Fight for the 4 key battles. The duel with Shenhua is also a kind of experience. I still lack experience, have too much burden, and have a deep memory. The best newcomer, I didn't think so much, let's play every game well.


  Reporter: Compared with goalkeepers of the same age, you are more experienced. What are your expectations next?


  Han Jiaqi: Let’s focus on learning and improving. I’m still young. I must accumulate more experience to make myself more mature.


  Reporter: What is the goal of the second phase? Do you have any research on the opponent Qingdao Huanghai?


   Han Jiaqi: Help the team relegation as soon as possible. Try to win two games. I usually watch their games and have a certain understanding of their foreign aid. They are newly promoted and will definitely work hard to stay in the Super League. I believe it will be two difficult games for us.




   The first show was breaking, Song Wenjie explained that the oolong he made when R&F put on the battle for the first time, turned out to be blind! And his best friend in the R&F team is Tang Miao.


  Reporter: Why did you choose to join R&F? What was your previous impression of R&F as a team? Are there any old friends in the R&F team?


   Song Wenjie: I still have a fate with R&F. When I was in the Qingdao team, before I went to China, I might have come to R&F at that time. The two clubs had talks but they couldn't come. There is indeed fate to be here this year. I met Tang Miao during surgery in Germany in 2015, and the relationship has always been good.


  Reporter: Is the own goal made by Suning an intentional pass by mistake?


   Song Wenjie: It is indeed Mongolian, that ball was not played well.


  Reporter: What is the goal of the second phase? What is your impression of Qingdao Huanghai? What are the goals for the FA Cup?


   Song Wenjie: Because we did not enter the championship group, according to the schedule, we have to play the first two games first, relegation first, and then strive to achieve a higher ranking. I have a lot of former teammates on that team, as newly promoted horses, they played well. They used to be led by a Spanish coach and the team is relatively mature. Let's prepare for the match. In the first round of the Football Association Cup, I definitely want to go forward, and it is the best to go to the end.


  Reporter: What is your impression of Fan Shuai?


   Song Wenjie: The coach is very young and brings vitality to the team. He is more lively and is very suitable for working with young people like us. Every day I will grab the circle with us.


  Reporter: In Luneng, he mainly played as winger, but there seems to be some changes in R&F? R&F has introduced new forward foreign aid, how do you view the competition?


   Song Wenjie: Luneng also plays forwards, wingers, and full-backs. Each team plays differently. R&F is an offensive team that is more comfortable for frontcourt players. In terms of competition, professional football cannot avoid competition. Only when there is competition, results will be better.


  Reporter: Before coming to R&F, I had playing time at Luneng, but are you mentally prepared to come suddenly?


   Song Wenjie: I said it in advance over there, but it was abrupt when I went down, that is, when I moved the room, I had never experienced such a thing before.




   Adrian, who joined Guangzhou R&F on loan from Chongqing Sway, said that to come to R&F for a “part-time job” not only has to complete the task of relegation, but also help the team win the FA Cup.


  Reporter: Talk about your understanding of R&F?


Adrian: I know something about R&F Club. As a professional player, I have searched the club history through the Internet before joining. In the past few years, when I was in other teams, I also played against R&F. The players also understand. I know that R&F has the idea of ​​competing for the championship, but after all, there are many strong teams in the Super League. Now, I am here to help the club achieve its goals.


  Reporter: Compared to the same type of midfielder like Saba and Renardinho, what do you think are your characteristics?


   Adrian: I find it difficult to make a direct comparison. But I know a little about them. I know that Renardinho has been in the club for more than four years and has contributed a lot to the team. Compared with Renardinho, Sabah is less aggressive. But he prefers an organizational midfielder.


  Reporter: How is your integration with the team?


   Adrian: I feel very good after practicing these days. The base facilities are very good, and the atmosphere of the team is also very good. The head coach was also a player before. He knows how to manage the players. Now I am looking forward to the first game.


  Reporter: What drove you to come to R&F for a part-time job at that time?


   Adrian: The main thing is to come to R&F to complete the relegation task, and strive to complete the relegation task in the first two games, and we have to fight for the cup later.




   Just ending his contract with Sheffield, Zhivkovic was loaned to Guangzhou R&F from Changchun Yatai. As a striker, he said that he has his own characteristics compared to Zahavi and looks forward to helping R&F achieve good results.


  Reporter: How does it feel to merge with the team?


   Zhivkovic: It feels very good. I feel that everyone in the club is helping me integrate into this big family. I have practiced with the team for three or four lessons. I hope to integrate into the team as soon as possible and adjust to the best state. I usually visit the city of Guangzhou. I think Guangzhou is a beautiful city, and now I feel very happy.


  Reporter: How many goals did the goal score?


   Zhivkovic: I will not set a specific number, but I will go all out in every game and score as many goals as possible for the team. The most important thing is that you must do your best to win the first two games, and then you can play well and strive for a higher position.


  Reporter: Why did you choose to come to R&F?


   Zhivkovic: After the end of my lease contract with Sheffield, I returned to Changchun Yatai. At that time, I talked with Fan Shuai. He expressed his willingness to come over and reached an agreement after the exchange. It now appears that this is a correct decision and I hope a good performance will help the team.


  Reporter: How to spend the 14-day quarantine period?


Zivkovic: Before the quarantine, make full preparations. The suitcase is prepared with some snacks and time-killing things. It was good at the beginning, but it was a bit boring in the next few days. Fortunately, the club prepared a large room for me. The room has treadmills and exercise bikes. I can also keep in shape through exercise in the room.


  Reporter: What is the difference between Changchun and Guangzhou, one north and one south?


   Zhivkovich: The climate is quite different. Guangzhou is more international. This is the difference between the two cities.


  Reporter: Some people regard you as a substitute for Zahavi, do you feel pressure?


   Zhivkovic: I didn't feel the pressure. Zahavi is a very good player. He has performed well here. But I am different from him. I have my own characteristics. I am here to use my own characteristics to help the team get good results.

日夫科维奇:我没有压力。 Zahavi是一位非常出色的球员。他在这里表现不错。但是我和他不一样。我有自己的特点。我在这里利用自己的特点来帮助团队取得良好的成绩。

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