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What is certain is that by the end of the year, the mainstream media will definitely take a big inventory of this year's major events. After all, we have witnessed so much history this year that we can hardly remember too much. And the withdrawal of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team will definitely enter the ranks of major events, at least a major event in the sports world.




In the history of sports in New China, the Eight-One Industrial Team occupies an extremely important position. In the history of the Bayi Industrial Team, the Bayi Men's Basketball Team occupies an extremely important position.


The predecessor of the Eighth One Industrial Brigade was the "combat basketball team" of the 120th Division of the Eighth Route Army led by Marshal He Long. In the magnificent "Fighting Battle" series, there was a basketball game between He Long and other bosses and the guard company soldiers.


Since the founding of New China, the Bayi men's and women's basketball team has been the backbone of the national team. For example, in the "golden generation" that Chinese fans talk about, Bayi players have occupied half of the country.


When the CBA was founded, the Bayi Men's Basketball Team won the championship for six consecutive years. Before Wang Zhizhi joined the NBA, even Yao Ming could not shake their giant status. Even though the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team was superb later, Bayi was still the favorite to win the championship. In 2007, under the leadership of Wang Zhizhi, it overturned the South China Tigers and won the eighth championship in team history.

当CBA成立时,八一男子篮球队已连续六年获得冠军。在王志之加入NBA之前,甚至姚明也无法撼动他们的巨人地位。尽管广东男篮之后表现出色,但八一仍然是夺冠的最爱。 2007年,在王志之的领导下,它推翻了南华四虎,赢得了车队历史上的第八个冠军。

Therefore, the withdrawal of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team is the official curtain call for generations of legends. In any case, we will also record it in this year's memo.


However, the major event is not a sensational event, because in the hearts of many people, the withdrawal of the Bayi Men’s Basketball Team is a matter of time. They have been mentally prepared for today. The so-called official withdrawal is nothing more than a procedure. .

但是,重大事件并不是耸人听闻的事件,因为在许多人的心中,八一男篮的撤离是一个时间问题。他们为今天做好了心理准备。所谓的正式退出无非是一种程序。 。

There is a saying that in the Chinese sports world, the most professional is the Chinese Super League, the second is the CBA, but the gap between the second and the first is quite large. How big is it? Just look at how many years after the Bayi Men’s Basketball team withdrew from the men’s football team.


If calculated on the basis of this year, there is a 17-year difference between the two, but many people do not agree with this result. Some people think that it should be 9 years, because the Bayi Men’s Basketball Team has bid farewell to the playoffs since 2012;


Some people think it is 12 years, because Wang Zhizhi has actually retired in 2015; others think it is 15 years, because the Bayi team has become a "specially invited" team to prepare for the Military Games since 2018.




The reason why the Bayi team is regarded as a sign of judging the degree of professionalism is because they retain the strongest national system. With the continuous deepening of professionalization, whether it is Bayi Men's Football or Bayi Men's Basketball, it always gives people a feeling of incompatible with professionalism.


For example, in the early days of the professional league, the PLA men's basketball team always came to cheer and cheer in the home stands of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team. Compared with ordinary audiences, soldiers have a unique advantage in cheering and cheering. However, whenever the visiting team scores, there is also warm applause in the stands.


Of course, we must praise the high quality of the people’s soldiers, but this does not seem to be in line with the mainstream atmosphere of the professional league.


The so-called "friendship first, game second" means that before the game begins, we should provide the visiting team players and fans with thoughtful arrangements; after the game, the fans of both sides sit down and have a drink.


However, as long as the opening whistle is blown, the two sides must immediately enter a state of hostility. Players must work hard to be worthy of the audience in front of the scene and the TV; fans on the scene must cheer for their own team in order to set off the atmosphere of the game and help the field. The upper players secrete more adrenal hormones.


In addition, localization is also one of the important characteristics of professional teams, which is also the foundation of the club's survival. But Bayi's basketball volleyball clubs have not changed their home courts.


The most typical one is the Bayi football team that year. In the past 10 years, it has changed seven home games including Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Xi'an, Kunming, Xinxiang, Liuzhou and Xiangtan.


It has been in a state of displacement for a long time, not to mention it is difficult to obtain a fixed group of fans, and even the quality of the training base is difficult to guarantee. Compared with other teams busy upgrading hardware, the gap between Bayi team is getting bigger and bigger, even in the league In response to their inability to introduce foreign aid, protective measures have been introduced, and it is also difficult to prevent their demotion and withdrawal.

长期处于流离失所的状态,更不用说很难获得固定的球迷了,甚至训练基地的质量也难以保证。与忙于升级硬件的其他球队相比,八一队之间的差距越来越大,即使在联赛中也是如此。由于无法引进外援,已经采取了保护措施,并且很难防止他们的降级和退赛。 。

Similar embarrassment not only appeared on the Bayi team. The South Korean military team Sangju Sangmu, known for Sun Xingmin's possible joining in the past two years, is also encountering difficulties.


As Sangju wanted to form a local team to compete in the professional league, Sangju Sangmu had to relocate. According to the K-League regulations, the relocation of the home stadium must start from the K2 League. So the season has not started yet, Sangju Sangmu has reserved a relegation place.




Of course, the home culture can only be regarded as a professional angle, or can only be regarded as a little bit of fur. Regarding the conflicts and gaps between the relative professionalism of the Bayi team, there have been more professional interpretations long ago.


For example, the disadvantages in the flow of players, the limited management of the club, and the narrow channels for youth training are all taboos for professional teams.


But for more than two decades, these problems have never been resolved. Since you don't adapt to the market, you can only be eliminated by the market. This is the cruelty of professional sports, and it is also the law.


However, the market economy has been engaged for more than 20 years, and the professionalization has been engaged for more than 20 years. However, for professional sports, there are always people who can't turn the corner. Even if the "People's Daily" clearly stated that professionalization is a "dimension reduction blow" within the system, there are still people who applaud the freaks of the "military training team" as a strange platform for "abandoning professionalization."


Of course, whether it is the official media or the self-media, when talking about the necessity of professionalism, there is a misunderstanding, that is, always like to talk from the perspective of the general direction and the general environment. But these truths are difficult to understand for a person who only likes to watch the excitement and fun, or find national self-esteem through achievements.


In fact, we can interpret it in a way closer to the individual, and the history of the rise and fall of the Bayi team is the best material.




As we all know, the sports team is a product of the former Soviet Union's national system. Similar to many Dynamos, miners, CSKA, Spartans, and Locomotives, each domestic system also has its own sports team.


Among them, the Bayi Industrial Team has a special status. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, they have continuously provided talents to the national teams at all levels. Even in some periods, the Bayi Team was basically equivalent to the national team.


This is different from the former Soviet Union. In the former Soviet Union, many clubs have a very glorious history. For example, in the field of football, the honor of CSKA Moscow before the collapse of the Soviet Union is not as good as Dynamo Kyiv and Sparta Moscow.


There are two main reasons for this situation. The first is that the eight-one industrial brigade has a wide selection of talents. When selecting talents in other systems, most of them focus on internal children. This is also a major feature of the year. It is extremely difficult for "outsiders" to squeeze in.

造成这种情况的主要原因有两个。首先是八分之一的工业大队人才众多。在选择其他系统的人才时,他们大多集中在内部孩子上。这也是今年的主要特点。 “局外人”挤进去是极其困难的。

This is not the case with the military system, especially for rural youths, joining the army is almost the only way to escape from the countryside.


Second, the overall treatment of the army is much higher than that of other systems. In his article "I Cannot Forget to Eat", Mo Yan said that he had not eaten a few full meals in his hometown in the countryside. After enlisting in the army, he felt like he had entered heaven. The big white steamed buns were enough, and the big pot of braised pork made the soldiers of the recruits drunk.


The father of a comrade-in-arms lived in the army for a few days. Before leaving, he thought that this kind of life was called communism.


However, practice has proved that the army’s canteen cannot be replicated in the countryside. Instead, after reform and opening up and economic deregulation, Dabai steamed bread and braised pork are no longer exclusive to the army canteen, and employment is no longer restricted by household registration. When various barriers were broken, the Bayi team's advantage disappeared.


To put it simply, the people have created wealth with their hands and increased their income. Naturally, they are full of yearning for a better life. It is also a kind of spiritual and cultural needs to enjoy the wonderful game at home. The so-called market demand is actually the demand of the masses. Anything that cannot be satisfied will inevitably be eliminated.


The Bayi team can neither use high investment to seize the dominance like Guangzhou Evergrande, nor can it go deep into the community to achieve localized development like Guangzhou R&F, so withdrawing becomes an inevitable ending.




Some people believe that the withdrawal of the Bayi Men’s Basketball Team is an important milestone in the professionalization road, a sign of the mature operation of the professional league, and a victory for professionalization.


However, these so-called meanings, I really think too much. The Bayi Men’s Basketball Team can survive until now and then withdraw. It will be able to train for the Military Games as a “special invitation” until the last two years. It is a product of pseudo-professionalism. In a word, this is the failure of professionalism.


Moreover, in the past two years, various vocabularies such as "give way" and "training" that were only available during the professional team period have again frequently appeared in professional leagues. In these words, it is difficult for us to find the confidence to talk about more mature professionalism.


What's more, even the less professional sports teams are beginning to have problems. For example, the physical test of the swimming team made many people finally realize the absurdity of the so-called "physical test".


What is intriguing is that the Football Association also launched the "Spring Training" as required at the beginning of the year, and this matter has become one of the hot spots at the time. But when it came to the acceptance link, the Football Association completed the physical test quietly, and we have not heard of any player who lost his qualifications because he failed to pass the test.


From this point of view, I believe everyone knows what the Football Association’s attitude is towards physical testing. On the contrary, those units that "conscientiously implement and increase their efforts" have overturned. One member.


Perhaps, only when this absurd farce is completely extinct, we can truly talk about professionalism, and the withdrawal of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team is just the end of a glorious history, and it is difficult to find out what important significance is for professionalism.


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