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With the start of the new Evergrande stadium, a bright red lotus will bloom in Yangcheng. This design drawing has mixed reviews all over the world. Generally speaking, foreigners think it's okay. Domestic calligraphers and painters say it is too earthy. The local calligraphers and painters express their irritating eyes. Players of Dongsen say it is not as good as my diy in the game.


Of course, aesthetics is indeed a matter of different opinions. Us ordinary people may never understand the masterpieces, so many artworks belong to the category of "what is this" in our eyes. Fortunately, the masters have not only left masterpieces in China, there are actually many incomprehensible stadium designs in the world.


The Rock Stadium in Abu Dhabi was built in the Al Ain Desert and can accommodate 40,000 fans. The designer MZ Architects was inspired by the Greek amphitheater when designing it. There were two effects that it wanted to achieve. First, it is perfectly integrated with the natural environment, as if suspended between the sky and the earth; second, it stands out in the desert, making people unable to remove their eyes after a glance. However, there was a deviation between the buyer show and the seller show. After the stadium was built, only the first effect was basically achieved...

阿布扎比的岩石体育场建在艾因沙漠中,可容纳40,000名球迷。设计师MZ Architects在设计时受到了希腊圆形剧场的启发。它想要实现两个效果。首先,它与自然环境完美融合,就好像悬浮在天地之间。其次,它在沙漠中脱颖而出,使人们一眼便无法移开眼睛。但是,买家秀和卖家秀之间存在偏差。体育场建成后,基本上只达到了第一个效果。

The roof of this stadium is designed in the shape of a parachute, consisting of a canopy and 16 large semi-circular inclined arches. The stand canopy is 60 meters long, and the outside canopy is 40 meters long. If you watch a ball game or watch a large group gymnastics inside, , All audiences will be covered by various canopies. However, this stadium was awarded at the 16th International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies in April 1988 because of its first design and use of ground expansion assembly method. Hmm... it's invention and new technology award, not design award.


Although the shading and ventilation problems are not big or small disadvantages in Evergrande Stadium and Wuyi Stadium, they may become advantages when placed in stadiums with special geographical locations. For example, King Fahd Stadium in Saudi Arabia.


Russia's Yekaterinburg Stadium is one of the main stadiums for the 2018 World Cup. This stadium was built in 1953. Because of its age, this stadium has become the most difficult one in the World Cup.


For the World Cup, it not only needs to increase monitoring and large screens, but also needs to increase the audience capacity significantly. However, considering its circular design, if you want to increase the capacity, you can only increase the capacity to become the effect of the Fujian tube building. Therefore, the designer has a lot of brains and removed the stands on the left and right sides of the stadium, and installed them to be able to sit more. People's mobile grandstand. This design has attracted numerous complaints from the Russian people, because everyone feels that this ancient and elegant stadium has been transformed into a giant golden snitch... Harry Potter fans praised it very much.


The Tokyo New National Stadium is the main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This stadium was originally designed by the British designer Zaha Hadid. Her design theme is "rolling white energy", and it looks like this.

东京新国家体育场是2020年东京奥运会的主要体育场。这个体育场最初是由英国设计师扎哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)设计的。她的设计主题是“滚动白能量”,看起来像这样。

However, as soon as the design drawing came out, the Japanese people did not buy it. The Japanese legendary designer Isozaki Shin, who designed the San Giorgio Stadium for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and the main stadium for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, said: “This building is like a big turtle waiting for Japan to sink into the Pacific. So it can swim away!"

但是,设计图一出,日本人就不买了。日本传奇设计师Isozaki Shin为1992年巴塞罗那奥运会设计了圣乔治体育场,并为2006年都灵冬季奥运会设计了主要体育场。他说:“这座建筑就像一只大乌龟,等待着日本沉入太平洋。这样它就可以游走了!”

In the end, this design was abandoned due to a lot of complaints from the public and cost issues, and the Tokyo New National Stadium, which was finally completed, was like this... and it was plain.


The Estadio National Stadium (The Estadio National) is located in Santiago, the capital of Chile, and can hold 65,000 people. The stadium has no problem in appearance, ventilation, and lighting. The only problem is... a tree is planted in the middle circle.

国家体育馆(Estadio National)位于智利首都圣地亚哥,可容纳65,000人。体育场在外观,通风和照明方面都没有问题。唯一的问题是...在中间的圆圈中种了一棵树。

After this tree was planted, it was recognized by the majority of Chilean people, so it was preserved for a long time. As a result, a magical scene appeared in the Chile National Stadium game. "No. 8 passed the ball to No. 10, No. 10 went straight forward and was intercepted by the magnolia tree..."

种植这种树后,它被大多数智利人认可,因此保存了很长时间。结果,在智利国家体育场比赛中出现了一个神奇的场面。 “八号球传到十号,十号直线前进,被木兰树拦截……”

To sum up, their own stadiums are always the most ruthless of their fans. The famous stadiums such as the New Bernabéu, Allianz and Wembley have all been ridiculed by fans. The reason is nothing more than the local elements are usually seen too much. If you put it on a big table, you will feel soil and ugly, and the red lotus flower that Chinese fans hate to paint the wall with a barrage is actually in the eyes of foreigners... …Just fine.


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