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Hupu News, October 7th, "Yangcheng Evening News" wrote an article on the performance of Guangzhou Evergrande in the first stage. The newspaper believes that with 11 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, Guangzhou Evergrande won the first stage of the first stage of the Chinese Super League A group as expected and advanced to the championship group. From the perspective of the entire first stage of the competition, Guangzhou Evergrande has gained a lot, but there are also shortcomings.


Compared with last season, Guangzhou Evergrande’s lineup changes this season mainly include two points: First, veterans such as Gao Lin, Feng Xiaoting, Zeng Cheng, Yu Hanchao have left the team, Wu Shaocong, Tan Kaiyuan, Wang Shilong, Permanjiang, Bugla Khan, etc. The replacement of young players has added fresh blood; the second is the addition of naturalized players such as Fernando and Luo Guofu to enhance the team's frontcourt attack.


2017 was Scolari's last year of coaching. At that time, Guangzhou Evergrande's average age was over 30 years old, making it the oldest team among the top 16 Chinese Super League teams. The veteran's departure is to make room for the newcomers and help the team further rejuvenate. After Cannavaro's three-year transformation, the average age of Evergrande this year has dropped to 26.53, ranking 13th among the Super League teams, and only less than one year older than the youngest Dalian team.


Under Cannavaro, young players, especially the 95 national youth players, are getting more and more opportunities to play. In the first stage of the 14 rounds, only the third goalkeeper Liu Shibo and guard Liu Yiming and other players did not play. The teenager Tan Kaiyuan also scored in the FA Cup. Driven by the veteran, the young players have been tempered through actual matches and gradually grown.


Wei Shihao missed 9 games due to injury, but he still scored 6 goals in 5 games, scoring very effective. Had it not been for the injury, Wei Shihao was expected to compete for the season's top scorer. Yang Liyu played 13 times, started 12 times, contributed 4 assists, and ranked among the best on the assist list. Mesozoic players such as Xu Xin, He Chao, Gao Zhunyi, Liao Lisheng, Jiang Guangtai have served as the team's main or main substitute, and have gradually become the backbone of the team.


At the same time, meritorious veterans such as Zheng Zhi, Huang Bowen, Zhang Linpeng, Mei Fang, Liu Dianzuo, and Exon still play an important role. While maintaining the outstanding performance of the team, Guangzhou Evergrande’s local player lineup has well fulfilled the mission of replacing the old with the new.


After the 14th round of the league in the first stage, the player with the most appearances in the Guangzhou Evergrande array was "thigh" Paulinho. The Brazilian midfielder played a total of 14 times, all starts, only one was replaced midway, a total of 1226 minutes, ranked first in the team, and temporarily ranked second in scorers with 9 goals. The other "thigh" Taliska also gradually recovered his state through the game.


Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the two Brazilian foreign aids Paulinho and Talisca returned to the team the latest. Paulinho returned to Guangzhou on June 16, and Talisca on June 28. Before the start of the season, there was very little time left for the two to run in with the whole team. At that time, the coach Cannavaro was most worried about the state of the two foreign players. He even bluntly said, "When Talisca gets back to his state, perhaps the first stage of the Super League game is over."

受新的冠状肺炎流行影响,两名巴西外援Paulinho和Talisca最晚回到了球队。 Paulinho于6月16日返回广州,Talisca于6月28日返回。在赛季开始之前,两人几乎没有时间与整个团队进行比赛。当时,教练卡纳瓦罗最担心两位外国球员的状态。他甚至直言不讳地说:“当塔利卡回到自己的状态时,也许超级联赛比赛的第一阶段就结束了。”

In desperation, Cannavaro could only let the two foreign players find their status through constant competition. Paulinho quickly recovered his status, and the relevant data is sufficient to prove his irreplaceable role and he is the most indispensable person in Guangzhou Evergrande. Talisca played unsatisfactorily in the first half, but Cannavaro's careless use of people eventually inspired Talisca's state to gradually rise. Due to injuries, Taliska missed a few games in the middle. But after recovering from injury, Cannavaro couldn't wait to send him out. It can be seen that Cannavaro desperately needs a Talisca in full condition.

无奈之下,卡纳瓦罗只能通过不断的竞争让这两名外国球员找到自己的位置。保利尼奥迅速恢复了地位,相关数据足以证明他的无可替代的作用,他是广州恒大最不可或缺的人。 Talisca上半场的表现不尽人意,但Cannavaro粗心的用人方式最终激发了Talisca的状态逐步上升。由于受伤,塔里斯卡在中途错过了几场比赛。但是从伤病中恢复过来后,卡纳瓦罗迫不及待地想把他遣散出去。可以看出,Cannavaro迫切需要完整状态的Talisca。

The overall effect of naturalized players' performance is also very obvious. Although Exxon's state has declined, his role as a fulcrum at the center position and his role in involving the opponent's defensive energy is outstanding. He has excellent confrontation ability and tied for second in the team with 6 goals. Fernando's quick counterattack greatly enriched Evergrande's tactical routines, and his flank breakthrough improved Evergrande's positional warfare capabilities. And Fernando also has the ability to attack and organize. He has played wonderful cooperation and goals with Paulinho, Talisca and Exxon many times.


Luo Guofu is affected by an injury and has limited playing time, but as a substitute forward, he also played his due role. On the back line, Jiang Guangtai has become the most stable central defender of Guangzhou Evergrande. This season, Jiang Guang has had the upper hand in confrontations with foreign players such as Pellet, Fellaini, Longdong, Zahavi, Santini, Teixeira, etc. too many times. His defensive awareness and physical confrontation are all in actual combat. It has been verified in China, which has strengthened Evergrande’s defense and may become one of the most valuable naturalized players in Chinese football.


Guangzhou Evergrande scored 11 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in the first stage, accumulating 34 points, which is the highest in the top 16 Chinese Super League. But Evergrande has repeatedly shown its lax mentality against the so-called underdogs. In the seventh round of a 2-2 draw with Dalian, the first half was the worst 45 minutes Evergrande played in the entire season. Before the game, Guangzhou Evergrande ranked first in Group A with 5 wins and 1 loss, while Dalian people ranked the bottom of the group with 2 draws and 4 losses. The strength of the two is very different, and the recent state is very different.


It was this huge gap that gave Evergrande players a lax mind in the first half. Cannavaro said angrily after the game: "I was in the locker room during the intermission. I told the players that if the rules allow, I want to replace all the 11 starting players."


Inattention, lack of energy, and lack of effort, these phenomena occur in Evergrande almost every season, and they often occur when they are playing against weak teams or when Evergrande has completed tasks. In the ninth round of the "Derby" with Guangzhou R&F, the gap between the two teams in various aspects before the match made this game the most disparity in strength between Evergrande and R&F. However, Evergrande also played carelessly. As a result, it was only after the opponent scored the goal in the 61st minute that he woke up like a dream. In the end, relying on the goals of Talisca and Paulinho, it was difficult to reverse and win in stoppage time.


The lax state of similar situations repeatedly caused Cannavaro to say that he still has a lot of work to do in Evergrande. Insufficient rotation and few chances for young players to play are also a problem with Evergrande in the first stage. Even if he has won the group first in advance, Cannavaro refused to make a substantial rotation in the lineup. In fact, Guangzhou Evergrande’s starting lineup for the 14 rounds of competition usually has a rotation range of 2 to 3 players, which is relatively "conservative" compared to Dalian and Shandong Luneng. This also makes Tan Kaiyuan, Permanjiang, Wang Shilong and other real teenagers have limited training opportunities.




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